Monday, February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl - Of course I watched...

Yep, I watched the whole thing.  It was a great game!  But more importantly, the Super Bowl has become this iconic Holiday to throw your diet out the window and put down the remote and actually watch the commercials.  Many of you don't love football (yeah I don't get it) so I won't spend a lot of time on this but a few things deserve a mention from last night. 
  • The halftime show was phenomenal!  Madonna is a legend and I love watching her perform.  I did hear a few grumblings about her lack of dance moves.  She is 53 years old people!  I say she did pretty good.  
  • One more about Madonna, hated the new song but loved when she played the old stuff.  Loved the addition of Cee Lo but I could have done without the appearances from some of the others.  
  • I liked the Clint Eastwood commercial for Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler about it being halftime and stepping up to get through tough times.   But (and this is just because it was the Super Bowl) its hard to appreciate a "make you think" ad when you are drinking beer with your friends.  I liked this on the 2nd or 3rd viewing better.
  • Doritos outdid themselves.  The dog burying the cat was one of the funniest of the night.  Loved it and the note!
  • Loved the Voice promo with the hosts fighting and Betty White at the end.  The woman can do no wrong.
  • And of course we all loved the David Beckham underwear ad.  Don't know anything about the underwear but yeah...David clothes...score!!!

 Obviously there were some stupid commercials too and of course some lame calls etc.  But above is what I remember most about the 2012 Super Bowl.  Did I miss anything important?


David Dust said...

Madonna was the highlight for me.


froggy said...

I missed the David Beckham ad!! And with one guy to how many women, it's so not fair!

Anything with dogs was our favorite here :-)

Bob said...

I was less-then-impressed by Madge, but then i'm not a true fan, so there's that.
Beckham in briefs!

Damn I should'a DVR'd.

jeanniev8 said...

I agree! David Beckham and Madge were the highlight! said...

I liked the Chevy commercial that showed the only things that survived an apocalypse were Chevy trucks and Twinkies. I thought it was clever.