Sunday, February 12, 2012

My weekend....

I began the weekend Friday night by going to a fundraiser.  At the fundraiser the entertainment was a Bee Gees Tribute Band (yep this exists).  The band was actually a lot of fun and did a tribute to Andy Gibb briefly during the show.  Andy Gibb, a young singer whose career declined as he became addicted to drugs, died at the age of 30 with an enlarged heart brought on by years of drug abuse.

Fast-forward to last night when we were hanging out at the house drinking beer and eating pizza (standard weekend fare) with some friends and I checked my phone to discover that Whitney Houston had died.  Whitney Houston, an amazing singer whose career declined as she became addicted to drugs, dead at the age of 48. 

As of right now we do not know the cause of death but most of us assume that this is a given.  This woman who once made us cry and cheer as she hit the notes that no one else could.  Her Star-Spangled banner when we went to war in the Gulf, her amazing array of music that both made us want to dance and made us want to love someone and her descent into drugs and debauchery that made her a sad joke at a party. 

I adored Whitney Houston's music and am saddened at her loss but don't forget we lost this woman a long time ago.  My thoughts are with her daughter.  May she someday know peace and be able to understand and rise above it all.


froggy said...

Single artists have never really appealed to me but I knew who she was and the awful ruin of her career through drugs, both illegal and legal. Addiction is a terrible thing. said...

A touching tribute. And a reminder that some things never really change. When will they learn?