Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Thoughts.....

I am tired today.  I watched the entire show and stayed up well past my bedtime.  I found the show a little ho-hum but as always, Billy Crystal knows what he is doing.  Yes he was safe (and dare I say a little boring) but he was fine.  I nominate Emma Stone and Jonah Hill to host next year (Christian Siriano tweeted this last night and I agree).  So lets get to it.  Here are my best moments...

  • Speaking of Emma she the cutest thing ever?  She can laugh and riff with anyone and when she came out with Ben Stiller she lit up the entire stage.  Loved the whole exchange.
  • Octavia Spencer made me cry.  She did not say anything amazing, she could barely talk, but her emotion was so heartfelt and appropriate you just knew that she was walking on air.  
  • Captain Von Trapp won an Oscar...finally.  His love for his craft and his wife is amazing and he looks damn good for 82.  
  • Loved the skit at the beginning and the one with Melissa McCarthy.  Also the focus group for he Wizard of Oz...hilarious.
  • Oh and loved Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell with the cymbals.  Especially when they kept banging them at Brad and Angelina.  
There were certainly other moments that stood out but these were the ones that I remember after a long award show.  What did I miss?  Oh and I will voice my opinion on the fashions in a little bit.  I am trying to gather all of my pictures.  

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