Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Glee - Out of Body Nationals

Last night's super-sized Glee was fun (love it when they find the fun again) but I must admit a little disappointing.  All the hoopla about Lohan being on the show and basically she had 3 (maybe 4) lines.  Plus, and I know we say this all the time, she looks nothing like her former self.  Pictured below is the actress formerly known as Lohan....

Anyway, some of my favorite moments from last night...

  • Tina becoming Rachel, Puck and Finn becoming Kurt and Blaine, Mercedes as Brittany, Artie as Santana and so on.  It was a great dream sequence and I loved watching everyone mimicking their friends.  
  • Puck and Beiste singing Mean by Taylor Swift.  I actually like this song a lot and this song was one that actually fit right into the plot seamlessly.
  • Love love love Paradise by the Dashboard Light and I love that this was the vintage song that New Directions chose to sing.
  • Unique from Vocal Adrenaline was awesome.  That boy/girl has some stage presence.  
  • Of course it was great that New Directions won but even better Schue won for Teacher of the Year and the performance of We are the Champions!
All and all a great 2 hours of television but it really made me wonder, what will happen when all the people that I love leave?  Will Glee be Glee without Puck, Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, Rachel and Finn (and Sam and Quinn and Artie and Brittany and Santana and so on).  With graduation coming what is going to happen? 

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Bob said...

I loved the Puck/Bieste moment in the lockerroom.
Now, Lohan. You know how I feel about her. And she looked awful and was terrible in delivering her three lines. But, what I noticed, and re-noticed via the DVR, was that when the awards were handed out on stage, while Perez Hilton was there and the Asian judge actor-guy, Lohan was not in that scene.
As I said to Carlos, "Must have been a crackroom break gone on for too long."