Monday, May 7, 2012

Only 1 More Epsiode Left - Once Upon a Time?!

I am excited and yes sad (this is how I get at the end of every television season) to see the finale of THE BEST SHOW on television, Once Upon a Time.  Next week, the confrontation between Emma and Regina finally comes to a head.  I cannot wait!  Regina using the last of her magic, Henry eating the apple, August becoming more and more wooden, Snow being a bad ass to save Charming from the castle, all of this led to an hour of television last night that I have already watched twice and will probably watch a few more times before Sunday night. 

Who knows what is going to happen?  Does anyone have any ideas?  I got nothing but the wheels are starting to turn.  Oh and how cool is it that the Queen can never kill Emma if she wants to curse to not be broken.  Love that twist....


Bob said...

I know everyone is supposed to love Snow, but, well, I am so Team Regina because she is so fabulous. said...

"Team Regina"! You go, Bob!

I've really enjoyed this show but I can't imagine how they can make it last for more than a season or two.

I think Henry is at the center of the whole thing. Who is his father, anyway? ;)