Monday, May 14, 2012

Everything I wanted...I think?!

The season finale of Once Upon a Time last night was everything I wanted and more, I think.  Snow and Charming together in both lands, Emma slaying the dragon, Henry coming back from the dead, Regina getting her comeuppance, etc, etc.  But, as any season finale will do, we were left with so many questions that will not be answered until next season.  Plus, did anyone else feel a little sorry for Regina/the Evil Queen?  I like to hate my villains, not feel sorry for them.  Anyway, the questions that will be left unanswered all summer....

  • What in the world is the purple stuff (I know its magic) but how will it affect Storybrook?
  • Will August be OK or is he destined to be a wooden puppet forever?
  • Will Jefferson ever find his daughter?
  • Does finding Belle make Gold/Rumple more human or will he still be a power-hungry crazy man?
  • What happens to Henry now?
  • Will Emma call Mary Margaret and David, Mom and Dad, and doesn't that seem weird since they are her age?
  • In Storybrook land does Red become a werewolf?
So my friends who love the show as much as I do, what are your burning questions?  Did I miss anything important?  How man months until our fairytale friends come back?

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Bob said...

I loved it because it ended some stories and set up new ones.
I'm ready for fall.