Monday, May 14, 2012

How I Met Your Mother - The Barnman and Robin?

Do not read this if you have not watched tonight's season finale of How I Met Your Mother....

I am so excited!  I know that the people on this show are not real but I feel as if I know Marshall and Lily, Ted, Barney and Robin.  So I spent the evening watching my friends have a baby, get engaged to the wrong woman, run off with the wrong woman, and eventually marry the right woman (I hope). 

As previously stated, Marshall and Lily finally gave birth to their son.  It took Marshall awhile to arrive but he finally made it to greet Marvin Waitforit Erickson into this world (coolest middle name ever).

We then watched Robin give Ted a pep talk about the one that got away (Victoria) and he called her.  Victoria agreed to meet up with Ted, in her wedding gown no less and they had a little chat.  Next thing we know Ted and Victoria are running off together.  Really?????

And then there was Barney (and Quinn).  They were off to Hawaii but first Barney got stopped by security with a suspicious looking box that just so happened to have an engagement ring in it for Quinn.  No!!!!!!!

Fast forward into the future and we once again get a glimpse of Barney's wedding day but we finally get to see the bride and it is....wait for it....Robin!  Yes!  And all is right with the world. 

What did you think?  Anyone?  Anyone? 


Bob said...

I wanna change my middle name to Waitforit.

Tivo Mom said...

Me too Bob, me too said...

I'm with you ... I feel like I know them all. Coolest middle name ever. I laughed and cried and gasped at the end!