Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wade or George?

I have been watching Hart of Dixie all season and last night's season finale finally allowed Zoe to have some sweet, sweet lovin from Wade (who I wanted her to be with all season).  For those of you not in the know, brief rundown....

Zoe (a doctor) moved to town, met George (who was engaged) and then moved in next door to Wade (who is a screw-up).  All season Wade and Zoe have been fighting and Zoe and George have been polite.  George found out his fiancee cheated and he went with Zoe to New Orleans and they kissed, he then went back to his fiancee.  Meanwhile Wade has developed feelings for Zoe but felt as if he was not good enough.  George and Lemon (yep that is his fiance's name) were supposed to get married last night but George called it off at the last minute.  Wade and Zoe were stuck in a barn in a storm and had major foreplay which they acted on when they got home and then George showed up at Zoe's door with Wade in the other room naked.  Caught up yet?  And now we must wait until the fall to see what happened.  Here are the pictures and yes I would have picked Wade as well.  Jason Street (I mean George, sorry FNL reference) is a little boring. 

Wade is hot!!!!!

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