Friday, November 9, 2012

Daddy Cat?????

Last night on Project Runway All-Stars I got my wish.  No my wish was not a graffiti inspired challenge (although I must admit the challenge itself was pretty creative) my wish was for "Suede Out".  And he is!  I appreciate the fact that we are getting down to the real designers and not focusing on the people that are only in it for the TV time (Suede, Wendy, Andre is hopefully next).  So the challenge was interesting, I actually liked who won (Emilio) and I was happy with the auf'd.  All in all a productive night.

One small a world that everything must be politically correct are we really now calling graffiti artists aerosol artists?  Seriously?

Tivo Mom out!  Oh and how can I name myself Daddy Cat (or Momma Cat for that matter).  I must get a better nickname. 


Bob said...

I nearly gagged when I heard them say "aerosol artists"!

the dogs' mother said...

I think Momma Cat is fine (from the dogs' mother :-)
Also glad Suede is gone.