Friday, November 16, 2012

Now we get down to business...

Project Runway All-Stars last night continued with the trimming of the fat (or the non-talented) and SPOILER ALERT....Andrae is gone, "Oh Dear".  So we no longer have his over-affected fake accent trying to explain how a zipper dress is based on a girl in a photo.  His goodbye speech was so condescending and out there one has to wonder if he was (a) either on something or (b) really so clueless that he believes that any of us are going to take him seriously.  Or choose him as fan favorite?!

I am glad Andre is gone.  I loved him on his season (OK love is a little strong but I at least tolerated him) but he has become this fake person vying for minutes that I really am not crazy about (its all about the TV Time).  I feel like the remainder of the designers (and when I say designers I mean designers) will not only make for good television but will show us all some amazing work. 

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Bob said...

he's one of those people who's on a reality show just for the recognition. I don't even think he knows how to design.
Next week: Kayne.