Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HIMYM - Splitsville...Finally?

I have been remiss in mentioning my favorite show lately (ya'll know its How I Met Your Mother).  Frankly the episodes have been forgettable and not as laugh out loud funny as in the past (remember The Naked Man, Whoo Girls, 3 Day rule etc...).  But last night, while it was not laugh out loud funny, this episode moved us closer to the goal of the show (no not finding the mother, the reconciliation of Barney and Robin).  And Nick, played by Michael Trucco, really was cute with his hot, dumb character. 

I have read the comments, perused the blogs and know that many people are sick of the show and think it has run its course.  I, on the other hand, am still invested in these characters and want to see them happy.  Plus there are still those episodes that are so creative and funny (plus NPH people) that I cannot turn away. 

I laughed last night (no not guffawed but I did laugh) and I was moved by the final scene with Barney and Robin.  We are getting there people just don't give up just yet. 

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