Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Amazing Race - Outlassoed...

I have to wait until Tuesday night to watch the Amazing Race so that my children can watch with me. They love the show and I will not allow them to stay up to watch (I know I am a mean mom). Anyway, we just watched this week's episode and here are my basic thoughts.

I love that the cowboys are doing so well because no one thinks that they are very smart. The kids and I even watched the "Elimination Station" (this is online and shows when the booted teams arrive at the holding place until the show is over) and everyone was shocked that the Cowboys were still racing. My only complaint is that this week all activities seemed geared to keeping the Cowboys in first place. I mean lassoing and horses; what more could they have asked for?

I felt so bad for Caite and Brent and the puking. You know Caite had to be just appalled by the fact that she threw up on national television. They pulled it together and did not finish last (just barely) but I am wondering if their delicate little bodies can handle the grueling race.

Kudos to the dad and daughter team (Steve and Allie) for jumping ahead a few spots to finish in 2nd place. They ran a great leg; even with Steve falling (again).

As for the eliminated team. I did not feel either way about Monique and Shawne. They seemed like good competitors but we really did not get to know them at all.

One final note...funniest line of the night; when Jeff looked and Jordan and said "I am not sure if we should reproduce" after failing to understand the clue for the 3rd or 4th time. They are quickly becoming my favorite team.

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I am really liking Jeff of the Big Brother team. I like that he is funny because he recognizes how stupid he's probably looking so he just laughs at himself and Jordan. It makes him very likable. Jordan seems sweet but there really seems like nothing is there.

The cowboy have surprised me. They work well together, communicate well and get the job done. They also have some good one-liners now and then. The tasks did seem a little too geared towards them but I know the tasks are planned way in advance. I think it's more likely that the show had the tasks planned out and found this cowboy team and hoped they made it far enough to do these tasks.

Joe, from the Asian husband/wife team, is probably my least favorite with the lesbian couple right now. They are all too abrasive and in your face for me.

I must admit that I am kind of disappointed in the tasks so far this season. They are all a little too easy, not really physical enough or exciting enough to get me pumped to see them done. They might have been better in theory but they just seem to fall flat on the TV when the teams do them. I'm definitely glad to have the show back though, I love TAR!