Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol - Who has soul?

I just watched American Idol from last night and I had a few comments about the performances. I was impressed with Usher as a mentor only because he seems to have so much personality. He made Miley Cyrus from last week seem like a robot. Anyway here are my observations:

  • I know everyone said that this was the year of the woman on Idol but besides Crystal no other girl had a strong performances last night. The boys rocked it!
  • Note to Siobhan, screaming does not equal singing. Enough said.
  • I read a tweet last night that wondered if Big Mike could get a bigger guitar. It was noted that his looked like a smurf guitar. This made me smile.
  • I was so happy that Andrew was back and in a big way last night. he looked adorable and he sang his heart out.
  • Anyone who does not think that the final two will be Lee and Crystal please let me know because I cannot imagine it being anyone else.
  • My bottom three this week were Tim, Katie and Didi. Thinking that either Didi or Tim will be going home.
Any comments? Did anyone else watch this last night or was everyone watching Dancing With the Stars?


BethTruta said...

I haven't watch AI since Kelly Clarkson but I'm strangely watching this one. (Maybe b/c the Biggest Loser has jumped the shark and is no longer interesting). Love Lee (and have a little crush on Casey even though he's soo not my type). Crystal is good but I think Lee needs this more. Happy to see Andrew step up too. Usher was great, hope he dances tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same as you BethTruta! I was obsessed with season 1 then only watched the audition rounds for the crazies until this season.

Crystal is far and away my favorite but I could definitely see her not making the final two. Sadly, I think her vibe and style of music isn't "contemporary/main stream" enough for the typical pop star they want and are voted for on Idol.

I think she will easily make Top 4 but when it comes down to voting between her or cute boys I think the majority of the audience will choose the cute boy. Hence Tim Urban making it so far already.

I do think this will be a great springboard for her no matter what and that she would probably be better off not winning since she would probably be able to control her career after Idol more.

Sadly, last night was another stinker for me. The only ones I liked her Lee and Crystal. Then Casey and Big Mike were close behind but I still see problems with them. Casey a one-trick pony & Big Mike should have rocked last night but it was kind of lack-luster.

Anonymous said...

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