Thursday, March 4, 2010

NPH on Glee Details...

Michael Ausiello is my God. He has discovered the information about Neil Patrick Harris' Glee appearance ( Read below:

It’s official: Neil Patrick Harris’ forthcoming guest appearance on Glee will without a doubt be legen — wait for it… here it comes — dary.

I just got my hands on some fresh intel surrounding Harris’ role in the Joss Whedon-helmed episode, so you best stop reading, spoilerphobes!

According to a Glee insider, NPH will play Bryan Adam (ha!), a high school glee club nemesis of Will’s (Matthew Morrison) who resurfaces as a board member at William McKinley.

“Flashback scenes will show Bryan picking up girls and getting all the cool solos,” reveals the source, “while Will sits off in the sidelines.”

The stage for a present-day rematch is set when Harris’ character announces his intent to cut the arts programs at the school. “Show choir ruined his life, made him feel he could be a star, but all he could do is book Carnival cruises,” explains the insider. “Now he wants vengeance.”

The episode — which I’m told features a climactic duet between Harris and Morrison — goes before the cameras next week and is slated to air during May sweeps.

Legen — wait for it… here it comes — dary stuff, right?

BTW, Glee returns with the first of nine new episodes in 40 days.

I am so excited about this news and cannot wait until Glee returns (have I said this too much).


sophie said...

hahaha great blog

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Jennie said...

Can. Not. Wait.