Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Goes Home on Idol?

After watching both the men and the women on American Idol my picks to go home are:

John Park - I have not heard a good note from him yet. The John Mayer song that he performed was just painful to listen to. Yes he is cute but cute does not help you with the notes. Plus he has no personality.

Jermaine Sellers - Although he has personality plus, Jermaine just cannot catch a break. His Marvin Gaye song (although a classic) was just not suited to him or his voice. Once again I have not heard anything good from him and yes he is a snazzy dresser (questioning the Bobby Brown hair though) but fashion sense does not an Idol make.

Haley Vaughn - The Climb was destroyed after this rendition. This girl has a great smile (to quote Ellen) but she is no Miley Cyrus. It was awful and I hate to say that because she is so perky and young but I think Haley is out of her league.

Lacey Brown - Her backstory is great. She almost made it last year and then was one of the final ones to get cut. Of course you want to pull from her but the tinny quality of her voice just does nothing for me and her performance was one of the worst of the night.

What did you think? Who will be going home?


polkadotoes said...

I agree on the boys and Haeley but I think I am willing to give Lacey another chance. She is definitely on thin ice, but every now and then a really beautiful tone seems to come through and I wish I could just bottle it up and have her sound like that all the time. Sadly, it goes right back to being unpleasant.

I guess I would switch her for either Paige or Michelle. They have both been pretty unimpressive and forgettable to me. Good, but they haven't had a moment where I am like "ah! That's why you are here and now I want to hear more." even if it's only for a note or two like Lacey.

Crystal is still my fave and the only one that has consistently impressed me.

Tivo Mom said...

Wow polka you were closer than I was. Good job!