Sunday, March 7, 2010


As most of you know (if you do not live under a rock) tonight is Oscar Night! Now normally I begin watching award shows early (arrival specials galore), I order Chinese takeout, put my PJ's on, and hunker down for the duration. Well, not tonight. I have a fundraiser to go to (nice planning right). Now I know that the children need our help, and I am aware that I get a free meal (and drinks) out of this function but I must say I am a little disappointed.

Hopefully I will be home in time to catch a few of the awards and to check out the twitter comments. Have fun all of my blogger people. I know you will be watching for me.

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BethTruta said...

Curious to hear what you thought. It was pretty standard overall. No surprises (except for NPH!). Thought Bullock and Diaz were the best dressed. Matt Damon for the men, he just looked classic and handsome.