Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goodbye J and J on The Amazing Race

After watching Sunday night's episode of The Amazing Race, reluctantly I must say goodbye to my favorite couple of the season. Jordan and Jeff have been fun and have given us all something to laugh at and they have been able to laugh at themselves (most of the time). I got a kick out of Jordan's entire Joan of Arc conversation (Noah and Joan must get confused all the time) while Jeff just smiled and informed her that she was thinking of Noah. Or when Jeff announced that the reason that kids should watch the two of them is to remind them to stay in school. I loved their whole attitude and they will be missed. Pretty and dumb but with a great attitude is an awesome combination. Goodbye J and J, now I am unsure who to pull for to win the race. Thanks for making us laugh.

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Jacki said...

I was so sad too! They were by far my favorite although I suppose that is because I fell in love watching Big Brother with those two.

I think I'm going to go for Cowboys only because that man kept his hat on during a bungee jump. I still can NOT get over that...