Monday, April 19, 2010

Kate Gosselin on the radio....

I happened upon Kate Gosselin on the Ryan Seacrest show today (I don't usually listen but that is a whole other story). Lets just say about Kate; I am not a fan. I never watched her show and I could care less about her dramatic divorce. But (always a but) she made a comment today that I had to mention. While talking on the radio today Kate told Ryan that she would give up the fame, money and drama to switch places with her babysitter in a "micro-millisecond". So here is my issue, you have to provide for your family (so you say, is there no money from TLC?) why Dancing with the Stars? You can get a job that is nondescript that still pays. In my mind the fame thing is yours to control. If you do not want it, walk away. I just hate to hear complaints about the paparazzi and the lack of time with the kids when this is all something that she seeks.

I am not a single mom (and have never been) but to hear this woman include herself in this group really bothers me. Kate Gosselin acts as if she has to "work" and be away from her children because she has to support her family. Not only do these children have a father, they also have plenty of money to last a long, long time if the lifestyle is managed responsible. Not everyone is this lucky. I just needed to get this off of my chest.

Fame-seekers drive me bananas. I am unashamedly a celebrity ho but when I think celebrity I think someone who possesses at least a little bit of talent. Not an egotistical mother who uses her children to her advantage and is stretching her 15 minutes further than anyone would ever have imagined.

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