Monday, April 26, 2010

Stop the insanity...

I just read an article about Justin Bieber (yeah I don't know who he is either) and his rabid fans. Apparently young Justin is so popular that he had to cancel a television appearance in Australia because of the mass hysteria. Unruly fans, paramedics who could have guessed.

The whole story got me to thinking about my crushes back in the day. I had a wide variety (and I do mean variety) of posters on my wall. And not one of these "idols" would have prompted mass hysteria by me but still I was in "love" with them all.

Who were your crushes? Are you impressed by my broad spectrum?


froggy said...

Herman's Hermits and The Monkees!!

I worry about that kid and hope he doesn't crash and burn.

David Dust said...

Definitely Jake Ryan.

polkadotoes said...

Oh, Depp and Bon Jovi totally would have had crazy fan-girl crowds! haha. I think the thing that would have stopped their crowds from reaching mass mysteria is their age. They probably would have been older and thought before trampling the girl in front of them

New Kids on the Block were totally the rage in my childhood and I think they created a similar reaction within their fans.

The Bieb is so young though! And Usher signed him so who knows what he is being told. I truthfully see him as the next Jesse McCartney. Remember him? Haha, right. I think he will be here and gone pretty quickly.

I could be wrong though, those JoBros are still around!

PS-I'm also on the Jake Ryan train ;)