Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maybe things will be alright

Most of the time when we deal with Hollywood very little surprises any of us. Women get plastic surgery, child stars have a hard time growing up, gay actors come out of the closet and men cheat. And then a story breaks this week that none of us saw coming. Sandra Bullock, who we all love and we have all been thinking about recently comes out and makes an announcement that shocks the hell out of me and makes me smile for her. With the adoption of a little boy in the works since January, Sandy (I feel like we could be friends and I would call her Sandy) has kept her secret through all of the Jesse James mess and gets to come out of this a mother. I am so pleased for her and I love the fact that this amazing, classy woman gets to share her gift with this special child. Congratulations Sandy and may God bless you and your new son. Also, can you give others in your line of work lessons on how to keep a secret because, damn girl you did it well.

On another note; Jesse James (the soon to be ex) came out with a statement this week and don't hate me for saying this, he came across as very sincere. Tiger Woods could take lessons from this man on humility and remorse. James was regretful, sad and humble. Not that he does not deserve it, but all I keep thinking about is bringing a baby home, falling in love with it and then realizing that now he will never be yours. My heart goes out to him just a little and I hope that someday he will grow up and become the man he should be.

Congrats again to Sandy for the new baby. Good for her!


BethTruta said...

great summary. first off, cutest baby ever. and his name origin is sweet.

i know this sounds cheezy and far fetched but maybe other woman (who aren't famous) and that are in similar situations will have the courage to do what she did. finally a good role model!

CassyGurl17 said...

AWW!! i think sandra Bullock finally getting a baby is amazing! i mean shes wut?...40? and has wanted a baby for a while apparently so this is good for her
and as for jessie,despite his aplogy, deserves whatever punishment he gets haha

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction to the Jesse James sidebar. It's enough to make me feel a little sad for him, though he's totally getting what he richly deserves.