Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

Friday night was the Daddy/Daughter dance at my children's school. Another excuse for little girls to get dressed up and spend the evening with their fathers. My daughter (who is in kindergarten by the way) was so excited. We got her nails done, her hair cut and a new dress. I also ordered a corsage and boutonniere for the occasion. On top of all of that my husband and his buddies were able to procure a limo for the evening, so the girls arrived in style. Now my question is; if we did all of this for her at age 5, where do we go from here? Will every other year be a disappointment because we made this one such a to do.

I could not help but think about a Cosby Show episode from way back when. Theo and his buddies wanted to top everyone at the Prom and pooled their money to get a 30 minute helicopter ride (which ended up being a disaster). All under the guise of the "one up" mentality.

I admit I fell into the trap. With our children we have a tendency to want the "big" occasions to be memorable. Does the Daddy/Daughter dance at age 5 fall under the "big" occasion umbrella? Who knows but I got some great pictures.

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