Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Amazing Race - You Tried Hard

My children and I watched the Race last night and were happy to see the Cowboys come back from the previous last place finish. From last to first and as Phil said, "first time in Amazing Race history." Sadly the team that finished last week in first was eliminated this week. Steve and Allie (the father, daughter team) have had to say farewell to the Race. I would like to give them a blog post worthy of the amount of screen time that they received on the Race but this post has already surpassed that. Goodbye Steve and Allie, not really sure that you will be missed but you tried real hard (that was what my Dad always said when I lost a basketball game).

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NewRich said...

Hey I saw you guys...lol I'm sure it wasn't as fun as it looked, good job though...Nice post, hey! Feel free to check out my blog at


Thank You, have a blessed day!