Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Am I Really watching This Show?

Last week after watching the train wreck that is Bachelor Pad, I read a few blogs and one of the headlines made me laugh.  Some innovative writer headlined her recap of the show "STD you soon".  I found this so true and so hilarious.  But yet as I watched last night, Oh yes I watched, I could not turn myself away.  The remaining 17 contestants have the cumulative IQ of my 6 year old (actually that is an insult to my 6 year old) and I cannot get enough.

This week the contestants had to win a pie-eating contest in order to get the date and be safe from eliminations.  Gia, the swimsuit model, and Jonathan, the weatherman, both finished their pastry first and received the much anticipated "date box".  I need to take a moment and just let ABC know, Jonathan's name is not weatherman.  The network has decided that it is hilarious to just post weatherman next to his one-on-one interviews.  Now, not only is he the smallest and the shortest and maybe the dorkiest (OK Craig is there as well) he is without a real name,  Bless his heart.  So anyway, Gia and Jonathan get to go on dates with their 3 choices.  Jonathan saves Gwen (old lady) with his rose and Gia saves Wes.  Now here is where is gets interesting.  Gia had promised her rose to Craig but then Wes began his diatribe about his feelings for her and what a cool girl she is.  Here we go again people.  Gia, being an intellectual heavyweight, believes everything Wes has to say and decides to go against her peeps and save him.  My oh my this man must just be the shit. 

Back at he house, the second rose ceremony has the normal amount of drama.  Tears abound and many get stabbed in the back.  After the dust settles, Craig (damn that Gia) and 2-timing Jesse S. (some girl I don't know) are sent packing.  So the question is, who is winning thus far?  I am going to have to go with Wes.  He convinced some girl (albeit a stupid one) to give him a rose after she had already promised it to another and she has a boyfriend.  Yes he is that good people.  And next week he starts to sing that stupid ass song again (Oh you know the one from Jillian's season).  I cannot stop watching. 

*I read another review where the reviewer admitted to yelling at the television w hen she realized that Gia was eating up Wes lines.  I must admit, I too yelled at the television. 

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