Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmys in my opinion...

I am not sure why I write that it is in my opinion because of course everything on this blog is my opinion.  But anyway I digress and want to let you know what I thought about last night.  No one will ever touch NPH as a show host (sorry you know I love him) but I thought that Jimmy Fallon was absolutely wonderful last night.  Some will disagree but I was pleasantly surprised by his spunk, talent and all around likability.  A few high points for me were
  •  The show opener.  He got everyone and their brother to participate in the Glee-ful tribute and it worked well for him and the stars that poked a little fun at themselves.  
  • I adored how Jimmy (can I call him Jimmy) introduced the different sections of awards.  It was almost like Cougartown (damn this show for not getting a nomination, love you Busy Phillips) where everything was a song and Jimmy made it work with members of the audience.
  • The tribute to Lost, 24 and Law and Order was his shining moment.  Fallon as Boys to Men, Green Day and Elton was spot on (on all three) and I have now watched this section 4 times.  Excellent touch and a fitting goodbye to 3 amazing shows.  
I know many will comment on Jimmy's seemingly nervous banter and uncomfortable pauses but I think that this is just him.  For a first timer he was great and the show moved faster and easier than it had in years.

A couple of other highlights for me were (of course)
  • Jane Lynch winning her Emmy.  She looked beautiful and so happy.  
  • Also kudos to Eric Stonestreet.  He is so funny and plays a gay man so well.  just love him
  • Speaking of Modern Family, their little video with George Clooney was fun and unexpected (probably not needed either) but so nice to see George having fun with the cast.  Very cute.
  • Some will disagree, but Jewel singing the "In Memoriam" tribute was classic and well done.  Always a hard thing to watch (especially when one always wanted to be Dixie Carter) and she did it well and her voice sounded so sweet.
I do have to finish my post with the best and worst dressed for me.  Worst was hard (because sadly there were so many) but here are my two worst (and I hate this because I love them).  January Jones and Anna Paquin.  January looked like a bridesmaid from hell and Anna looked like a gladiator.  (Emily Deschanel was an honorable mention though).
And my best dressed had to be Claire Danes.  I will also mention Kelly Osbourne and Jane Lynch because both looked stunning but Claire Danes just took my breath away.

So that is it; last night in a nutshell.  What did you think?  Were you happy with the winners?  Sad for the losers?  Or ambivalent about the whole thing?  Let me know.  Later all. 

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Joy said...

I felt the same way you did for the same reasons. Jimmy did a great job and was hilarious at many times - esp the ones you mentioned. I was happy with most of the winners. If Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler don't win next year, though, I won't be able to say that. It's OK that Kyra Sedgwick won. She and Julianna Margulies are my other faves. That was a tough category for Best Actor and could have gone other ways (and has).

Ricky Gervais makes me laugh just standing there, and he really got off some good ones. Too too funny!

I enjoyed watching it with you on Twitter! Made it even more fun.