Sunday, August 15, 2010

Worst TV Show endings ever

What happens when I don't sleep?  I watch stupid television and remember the shows that I once loved.  While watching the final two episodes of Will and Grace, it got me to thinking about sucky endings to otherwise stellar shows.  So here is my list for my favorite shows with the worst endings (in no particular order). 

Will and Grace - I loved this show for the majority of its run but the final episodes left me flat.  Are we supposed to honestly believe that Will and Grace stopped talking to each other for nearly 18 years.  It was hard to digest and even though the two found each other again, it still left me sad to think that they missed out on each other's children growing up.   

Angel - The spin-off of Buffy filled the gap for me when Buffy left the air.  I loved David Boreanaz and his band of misfit crime fighters but the final season left a lot to be desired.  Combined with the fact that the finale did not bring Buffy to Angel for one more scene, no questions were answered and nothing felt completed.  Then to throw Wesley's death and the stupid Illyria character into the whole mix it just felt unfinished.  
That 70's Show - Once Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace left the show, it floundered and it was most evident in the final season.  I was pleased that Eric and Donna ended up together but to match Jackie and Fez up left me feeling a little sick to my stomach.  Clearly Jackie needed to be with Hyde (although my friend and I fight about this because she thinks that Kelso was the one for Jackie).  Whether Hyde or Kelso, either one of them would have been better than Fez.

ER - I wanted more.  I wanted more closure, I wanted more flashbacks, shit I wanted more of everything.  I invested half my life into this show and the ho-hum finale was all I got in return.  Disappointing ending to an otherwise wonderful show.

The West Wing - This is another example of wanting more for me.  I was invested in these characters.  Where did they go, what did they become?  Did all of them just walk away and that was it?  After 8 years, it seemed as if we would have known what they were going to do next. 

Am I being too picky?  Did any of these endings bother you as well?  I know that if you go further back many will mention Seinfeld, Roseanne, Cheers etc.  These are mine that stand from the last few years.  What did I forget (and before you say it I did not watch the Sopranoes).


froggy said...

We have the entire set of West Wing and we have watched the ending once - just too sad and unfinished - did Charley and Zoey marry? Did Ellie have children? What about Tobie and his children? Sam and his wife to be? Donna and Josh survive the White House pressure cooker? The Santos family - did they get a playset off the Oval Office?

CSpan is usually my go-to station - bores you right to sleep.

Tivo Mom said...

Froggy I so agree. I wanted all of that and more. I know that we saw that CJ and Danny get together but that was the only one that was answered. For a great series I was disappointed.

Joy said...

Same here with West Wing and ER. First of all, I've never gotten over it that NBC canceled WW. I think they had to hurry and come up with a finale since they should have been on longer. I was able to make the transition to Santos (love Jimmy Smits) and wondered if Alan Alda's character would be an unprecedented VP.

I hate NBC for some of their horrible decisions - like canceling L&O when it could have been the longest running show after one more year.

That ending of Bob Newhart's second show was hilarious with his waking up with Suzanne Pleshette and saying it was a dream! Priceless! Best ending ever!