Monday, August 9, 2010

You know you are bored when...

Tonight a new show started and I must admit I watched.  This new show is called the Bachelor Pad.  The sad, repressed people on this show have all been on the bachelorette or bachelor at some point over the past seasons.   Let me reiterate, I watched the show.  However, it was like a huge orgy.  All of these people (19 total) had to stay in the same house and sleep in the same room.  Chris Harrison hosts once again; along with Melissa Rycroft.  Each week there is a competition and whoever wins gets a rose.  Once a rose is received the winner can elect to go on a "special" date with the person of their choice.  At the end of the week, the women will vote the men off and the men vote the women off.  Kind of like Big Brother with more hook-ups I guess.
  • Wes is back!  The country crooner from last year's bachelorette makes another attempt to receive his 15 minutes of fame.  He still seems a little skeezy to me.
  • The oldest person on the show is Gwen from SEASON 2 (do you know how long ago that was?).  She will not allow the network to post her age on the screen when she does her personal interviews.  Bless her heart. *this just in Gwen is 39 (everyone else is a lot younger but she looks good in her bikini)
  • I just have to wonder if this is going to become like the Real World/Road Rules challenges.  All we need is plenty of liquor, some fisticuffs, a hot tub and a dress up night.  
  • There is absolutely no loyalty between the girls and the guys.  Everyone talks smack about everyone else. 
  • Some girl named Michelle "locked" some girl named Tenley in the bathroom and "yelled at her.  My, my this is getting good.
  • I will admit that the bodies on these women makes me a little envious.  Oh to be 28 again!
    Twister is the first game of the competition, in bikinis no less.  Does this tell you anything about the show?  So the first people to go are Juan (I actually remember him) and that mean girl named Michelle.  I might actually might watch next week. 

    * I wonder which guy or girl will hook up with the most people (different people).  Hmmmm...

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