Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Season of Friday Night Lights

My husband and I finished watching the last 4 episodes of Friday Night Lights: The Fourth Season last night and I have a few things to say about the best show on television. 
  • Watching Tim Riggins walking into the jail in the final scenes actually made me cry.  Taylor Kitsch had an excellent season and broke my heart every week (which is a good thing).  

  • I loved, loved, loved the fact that the season finale allowed Landry to come into his own.  He was always a source of comic relief and to actually stand up for himself and then to be the game hero was absolutely satisfying.  I also adored the final words that the coach had with Landry before he kicked his field goal and was it my imagination or did he call him Landry (instead of Lance) finally?
  • There is no way that Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton do not deserve Emmy awards.  The two of them had a phenomenal year.
  • Speaking of Ms. Britton, she really amazed me the last 3 or 4 episodes.  We are always supposed to identify more with the Coach (the show is called Friday Night Lights) but she too has a career that she adores and is exceptional at.  From the meetings with Becky to the press conference to the final scene when she steps down as the principal; my heart went out to her and it felt so real.  Thank you Connie Britton for keeping it real and giving us everything you have in this character.  Tami Taylor is beloved by us all.  
  • Moving in to the fifth and final season (why does this make me tear up) I look forward to watching Vince, Luke, Tess and Becky grow and I was not saying that when we began.  
  • So long and thank you to the wonderful characters of Matt, Landry, Julie and Tim Riggins.  Come back and visit (a lot).  We have enjoyed growing with you.  
I know that I sound completely cheesy about this show.  If you watch you understand.  The characters get under your skin and you become invested in their lives (this is what makes a wonderful show).  If you don't watch, well then you are missing out.  Thank you Friday Night Lights for a terrific 4th season. Good luck to you all at the Emmy awards.


BethTruta said...

Hi! I've been abroad for two weeks and just watched both FNL's. I was often teary, and I'm so glad they gave Matt his send off. Tim and Landry had great arcs as well. I liked how football was in the background even more this season. Vince is probably my favorite new character. Loved that he stood up for himself and is on a better path.

Hope you're getting back in the swing of things! Keep trucking with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it's worth it; I promise. I've read them all. Did you know that Lisbeth is modeled off of Pippi Longstocking? I thought that was interesting.

Joy said...

I already miss this show and am going to savor each episode just as I have this season. The Riggins boys can't catch a break, and then when Tim went to jail, I cried, too.

I'm really pulling for Kyle and Connie to get Emmys. Those scenes between Julie and Matt were so realistic. What a wonderful cast and excellent acting and writing!