Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day my friends.  I am taking the hubby and the kiddos and we are hitting the beach with fried chicken and cold beer.  As of tomorrow I am a working woman with a class (kids in preschool start after Labor Day) so I have been spending a lot of my time getting ready for a new school year.  Oh and here is a laugh for you, my daughter's age group did not have enough soccer coaches, so yep I volunteered.  Never played soccer in my life (I watched the Olympics though) so this should be interesting. 

I have a couple of posts that I am working on and want to get them out this week.  Been reading about the new shows for the Fall and I am intrigued by a few (Nashville anyone, love Connie Britton).  Plus, I finally finished Newsroom (so good) and I am gearing up for the NFL season. 

Happy "last day of summer" to you all and I will check in this week. 

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the dogs mother said...

Learn how to yell, "SCORRRRRRRRE!"