Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Runway - Babies really?

As I watched the show last night, and the 12th commercial for Heidi's new line at Babies R Us (talk about product placement) all I kept thinking was, this might have been funny if Ven was still around.  Otherwise, last night sucked.  Harsh words I know but I am just over this season of Project Runway.  The challenge itself was not too horrible (Ok it was but I am trying here).  Design an outfit for Heidi's new baby line.  The addition of the "fake" babies in the workroom was absolutely ridiculous.  How is becoming the next great American designer come down to whether or not you can babysit.  I am a Mom, I can't sew for shit.  Does this make me a bad Mom?  Besides my rant, here are my thoughts from last night...

  • Someone please get Fabio a baby!  That boy was just jonesing for his own kid.  Hope the boyfriend is watching because surrogacy or adoption is in your future after the display last night.
  • Dimitry was very funny last night.  He thought the whole thing was just as dumb as I did.  But he did it and he made a Spiderman outfit.
  • Christopher had to get the win.  Both Elena and Melissa's outfits were awful and he was the only other girl's outfit.
  • Thought they might do 2 boy winners because I did like both Fabio and Songia's outfits.
  • I could not get Tim's take on the whole thing.  He looked a little uncomfortable and I wondered if he was as on board as he said he was. 
  • So glad to see Elena go but didn't she look like she was going to punch Heidi at the end.  
  • Just a little irony to add to the mix, Elena says that she is so Avante Garde and she gets booted right before that challenge.  All I imagined when I went to sleep was a giant in shoulder pads.  
On a happier note, the next all-star season starts in October and some of my favs are returning.  Suede, Kane, Uli, Josh and everyone's hated monster Wendy Pepper.  Looking forward to spicing things up.

Am I completely off on last night?  How did you feel about the challenge?  Babies?  Happy Friday!


the dogs' mother said...

Soooo did not like the fake babies! Been there, done that, waiting for grandbabies!

David Dust said...

I thought the whole thing was ridic - especially the fake babies in the workroom. Did you notice how the crying magically stopped when Tim & Heidi were visiting? Did the producers turn the babies off???

I'm looking forward to All-Stars, although the level of talent isn't nearly as high as the first All Star season. Most of the cast is there just because they are "characters". But yes, I'm looking forward to Wendi Pepper.


Bob said...

Wendy Pepper!!!!!


As for last night.....Oy!
Don't get me started on Project Diaper