Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Runway - Venless

What will Project Runway be like this season without Ven?  Will we notice he is gone?  Will the removal of his presence leave others with more workspace?  We will stop hearing the words sophisticated and polished over and over again? 

Last night's episode was an homage to the Rockettes and the designers had to create a new look for these ladies.   Hmmmmmmm.  Definitely costumes (which they are always told not to do) but kind of a cool, I heart New York challenge I guess.  Anyway, some embraced the challenge (Dmitry, Christopher) while others had multiple meltdowns (Elena, Sonjia, Melissa). 

Christopher won!

and I agree that he deserved it.  I was not a fan of Dimitry's look but what do I know?

Ven was sent home, in all honesty, for being boring....finally!

A few other observations from last night...was Elena on something?  The manic crying thing was overwhelming and uncomfortable to watch.  Sonjia just seems like she has given up.  And to think that purple feathers is a good idea?  Ven really thought he had it.  He thought his was the best one out there.  Yawn.

Until next clothes?


Bob said...

I would have been happy if it was Ven or Elena to go this week.
She was a mess, he was dull.
I liked Dmitry's over Christopher's because it moved better and I thought Christopher's color choice was bland and his design wouldn't be seen from the cheap seats.

Baby clothes! I'm a little sick at the thought.

the dogs' mother said...

Can you imagine Ven with a toy baby?? said...

I agreed with the judges. But I also thought Dimitry's look would be cool if 30 of them were lined up together. Face left, we'd see sleeves, face right we'd see bare arms, etc. Cool for dancers.

I'm SO glad that they finally sent Ven packing. What an arrogant bore!