Thursday, September 27, 2012

What are you watching?

As the first real week of premiere week is happening, I have watched a couple of new shows and wanted to see what everyone else was thinking...

Partners - airs on Monday nights after How I Met Your Mother on CBS.  Despite the fact that the show has Michael Urie from Ugly Betty (who I adore), the show is a little slow paced.  Feeling like it is trying too hard to be the new Will and Grace without the Grace.  Best friends, one gay, one straight and so on.  I will try it again because of Michael Urie but I don't have my hopes up.

Ben and Kate - another sitcom on Fox that comes on at 8:30 right before New Girl.  Brother and sister living together raising a child.  Again, not sure.  Liked the Pilot but I am not sure about the supporting players.  The two leads, Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson, are really good together and Maggie Jones as the child is absolutely adorable.  I just don't like their friends.  Hopes are higher on this one.

Go On - I think I mentioned this one with Matthew Perry before airing on NBC at 9:00 on Tuesday.  Still watching it and I am liking it more and more.  Although he is always Chandler Bing to me, I loved Chandler Bing so I am good with that.  I really am liking the support group cast of characters and the storyline is fresh and not overdone.  And as the best friend, John Cho's sarcasm always makes me laugh.

The New Normal - I have also mentioned this one before.  Comes on Tuesdays after Go On and so far I am enjoying the gay couple surrogate storyline.  Ellen Barkin as the bigoted grandmother is just spot on.  Entertaining for sure.  On the Tivo list.

So far that is all I got.  I am going to check out Elementary tonight because I love Lucy Liu and the concept is appealing to me.  I will let you know.  Am I missing anything good?  Let me know your thoughts so far.  Remember this is a marathon not a sprint because we have many more shows to check out. 

Later all....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on these new shows, Tivo Mom! So far, the only one that has caught my eye is Go On. I just got finished with Tuesdays episode; I work nights at DISH, so I rely on my Hopper DVR and the Primetime Anytime feature to record my network shows. Like you, I have found that this show has grown on me with every episode. I don’t normally get excited for “next weeks episode”, but I really am looking forward to the next episode of Go On!