Friday, September 14, 2012


I watched the season premiere of Glee last night and real quick before I go to work...thoughts...

  • Kate Hudson was phenomenal.  Her body is incredible and her character was a combination of Satan and a drunk as a washed up dance teacher.  Awesome!
  • Liking the new blood on the "team" this season so far.  The addition of Puck's brother (played by Jacob Artist ) and Marley the lunch lady's daughter (Melissa Benoist) are going to be fun and both voices are strong.
  • Loved the "who will be the next Rachel" storyline and as much as people trash it "Call Me Maybe" is a fun tune. 
  • Not sure about the addition of Wade/Unique.  Will have to see how that one plays...
  • Love Kurt's dad and watching him send Kurt to New York.  
  • Rachel's dorm boy is cute (don't know who he is but does this mean the end for Finchel)
Not all of my questions were answered about the Lima kids but  the premiere set things up to hopefully have a good season.  Little concerned about the number of storylines but as always it will be interesting to watch. 

Let me know what you thought and if you watched.  Happy Friday everyone!


Bob said...

Rachel's shower buddy was hot, and I was pleasantly surprised by Kate Hudson. I'm not a fan, but she was great as the Evil Drunken Dance Teacher.
And New Puckerman has a beautiful voice, too.
Also, loved the lunch lady storyline. said...

I like it, too. Would have enjoyed more singing but they had a lot to get through.

I hope Santana and Mercedes are in the next episode!