Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We saw the Mother, just not her face...

The season premiere of How I Met Your Mother was last night and as per use, it was a flashback within a flashback.  The beginning was at Robin and Barney's wedding (please tell me it happens) and then Ted flashes back to how he (and everyone else) got to this point. 

The episode itself was cute but not as mind blowing as I had hoped.  Always love the sweet side of Barney and Robin and got a few moments of that last night.  We met Robin's new boyfriend and witnessed Quinn's reaction to finding out about Barney and Robin's relationship.  If you have not seen it, the 60 second explanation that Barney gives to Quinn about he and Robin and the history of their relationship is something to behold. Neil Patrick Harris is a master!

The Ted and Victoria stuff was a little lame I must admit.  We already know that she is not the mother so I just wanted to get through the whole running away from the wedding thing.  It was ironic that Klaus was leaving too but still move on...

And then in the final moments as Ted is reminiscing on platform 9 3/4 (just kidding) we get a glimpse of a woman with a guitar and a yellow umbrella.   

My understanding is that this could be the final season of How I Met Your Mother.  I have one word for this assumption.  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Even if we never meet the mother, I would love to see Robin and Barney married, Marshall and Lily trying to raise a child with the coolest middle name ever and Ted being Ted. 

Time will tell of course.  As it always does with this show.  What did you think?

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