Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who Watched Last Night?

Last night was the season premiere of Gossip Girl and I want to hear your thoughts? As I turned on the television with bated breath....not that kind of thing. I want to hear the bitchiness. One of my friends today wanted to mention Vanessa's hair. WTF? Was it dreads or just dreadful? This is what I am talking about. Here are my top 5 (for good or bad) observations:

1. Chuck Bass looked good last night. Not sure why this would be different than any other season but I needed to mention it.

2. Blair and Chuck need conflict, and a lot of it. I cannot stand the nicey, nicey crap. Play the games! This is why we love you both.

3. Serena's weird obsession with her father's attention should have been dealt with in therapy many years ago. Not sure where this storyline is going.

4. The West Side Storyline of Nate and this Buckley girl could get old fast. She is cute but Nate needs someone with a little flavor to offset his bland character.

5. Speaking of hair...Dan looked like he had on a "Welcome Back Kotter" wig last night. Hairstyling help is needed on set, pronto!

These are my observations. If you want a full recap check out EW.com (here). What did you think? Was it worth the wait?

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Lisa said...

Hey, nerd! I agree with you on all counts . . . Dan and Vanessa need some help with the hairdos. And I wasn't crazy about Nate's hair, either. Blair and Chuck do need conflict. (I so love Chuck!) And I'm curious to see where Serena's storyline is going. That said, I thought it was worth the wait. I was entertained for an hour and I'll watch last night's episode on DVR tonight!