Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Week Ahead...

Happy Labor Day everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend and tomorrow is a worthwhile day off. I was just programming my Tivo for the week ahead and wanted to make sure that you all had a heads up about a few new shows.

1. So You Think You Can Dance starts Wednesday on Fox. A new season already, I know, but as always I am looking forward to the show and am considering a recap for this one.

2. America's Next Top Model also starts on Wednesday on the CW. The night starts with a 2 hour season premiere and this year Tyra is working with "short" girls (5'7" and below). Still not sure that I will watch but I wanted to mention it.

3. Melrose Place is back and will be starting on Tuesday night on the CW. I am interested to hear how the new revamped show turns out. I think I will have to bow out of this one. I was so distressed by what happened to 90210 that I don't think my heart could take another disappointment.

4. The NFL is back on Thursday night. Just had to give it a mention.

5. I saved the best for last...Glee starts Wednesday night on Fox. I have been waiting all summer for this show to return and finally here it is. I cannot wait to see if I will love the show as much as I loved the Pilot. I will let you know.

So here are a few of the shows that I will be checking out this week. Vampire Diaries also begins along with a few others that I cannot fit into my already busy viewing schedule. Let me know what you are excited about. I cannot wait to hear.


BethTruta said...

I'm setting my tivo for Glee too. I'm also going to check out Melrose Place for old times sake but I doubt I'll stick with it (Ashlee Simpson?! Ugh.). The others I'm thinking about are The Good Wife on CBS and Community on NBC. I watch Mad Men so I've been enjoying that this summer. And of course the Biggest Loser starts up again! Happy Labor Day!

speakinmymind said...
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