Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How I Met Your Mother (last night)

After all of my excitement (and I had a lot believe me) last night's season premiere of HIMYM was a little bit of a letdown. Please understand; the show was cute (read cute) and as always I adore my NPH but (there is a but) I do not want the sole focus of the show to become about Barney and Robin's (or Barnman and Robin hee hee) relationship. I am hoping that after getting the question of the relationship out of the way, the show will return to it's true self next week. I believe that the idea of Ted as a Professor opens the door to a lot of funny stuff (the hat and the whip last night was great) and I think that Barney and Robin "pretending" to be a couple could be very funny. I just don't want to lose Barney Stinson and what makes him so great. Only time will tell and of course I will continue to watch with bated breath. Just a mention from my husband (he is such a guy); did anyone else notice Lily's (Alyson Hannigan) bigger boobs last night. Breastfeeding is really paying off for her. OK there I said it. What did you think about last night's episode?


BethTruta said...

I agree about it being just okay but they had to address the season finale, hopefully they will get back to normal next week. Apparently Robin had her baby too. I am really glad they didn't work those children into the script, it just wouldn't have worked. And is it me or are you caring less and less about how Ted meets the mother? I mean, they are just going to drag it out so until they reveal her (which by that time it will probably be some famous celeb b/c the show is FINALLY catching on thanks to NPH and Jason Segal)and I've kinda lost interest...Anyway, can you tell I really like this show?!

polkadotoes said...

I liked the premier a lot actually! I thought they did a great job with addressing the Robin and Barney situation by not making it too cutesy. Plus Jason Segel got to play with a whip, Robin got to go all Canadian on us at the hockey game and they embraced the douchey side of Ted to have a funny bit with him being the teacher. I think they will do a good job of balancing the Barnman/Robin thing with the rest of the gang, plus I like that they are together since they work so well off of each other! Some of the best scenes have been between the 2 of them. I think the creators once said that it was during the Lazer Tag episode that they realized the chemistry between NPH and Cobie and just kind of let their story line go from there.

I agree with BethTruta that I care less and less about who the mother is. I think the show will just kind of end with a quick look to the mother and Old Ted saying something like "and that kids, is how I met your mother". I think the show is becoming more about the relationship between these friends and I like it that way. It gives me more NPH and Jason time ;)

Just like you, I am so very excited to have this show back!!