Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

As most of you know, I love football with all my heart. I adore this time of year and miss being in North Carolina for "football weather". A few key figures in the game of football have been discussed this week and I wanted to comment. Love or hate my thoughts, I still am going to voice my opinion....

Michael Vick on 60 minutes, did he show remorse or not? I am not sure but I still think he deserves to get back in the game. I am not a Vick fan. I was not when he played college ball and never have been when he played for Atlanta. I associated him with being lazy with an attitude and never felt that he gave the 100% that his team needed. But (always a but) he has served his time. He has lost millions of dollars in endorsements and two years of his life. What he did was atrocious (and yes I realize this) but he has been punished, embarrassed and subjected to ridicule (over and over). I do not agree with what he did, nor do I condone it but (but again) for a young man brought up in this environment; sometimes right and wrong can be a little skewed. There are many players in the NFL that are still playing after committing a crime (multiple times). Give Vick an opportunity to prove that he has matured. I want to see his work ethic improve as well as his attitude.

Brett Favre, please retire! For the past few years this has been dangled in our faces and we have watched you cry and walk away only to come back (more than once). As we get older our bodies change and slow down. You are no exception. I loved you in Green Bay, tolerated you in New York and will ignore you in Minnesota. As George Constanza once said "leave on a high note". Well you missed this opportunity; so now just leave.

Had to get those off my chest. Welcome to football season everyone.

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Kim said...

Josh and I agree with you on the Vick thing. We actually discussed it the other night. And evidently Mike and Mike agree with you, too.