Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walk Away From the Computer

I have a new obsession. As if keeping my house clean was not hard enough; I have discovered (with the help of my friends damn them) Bejeweled on Facebook. Bejeweled is a basic dumb game that has you fitting jewels together to get points and I hate to admit it, I am obsessed. Every time I think I may walk away, I want to try one more time for a higher score. All of a sudden I have wasted 45 minutes in my day and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Have I been a little lax on my Blog lately? Blame Bejeweled. Are the kids still not ready for school to start? Blame Bejeweled. I am trying to break the addiction and have decided to head to the beach this morning (no computers there). I will let you know how my day of no Bejeweled goes. If I go all day without it, may I play tonight?


David Dust said...

OMG - I am so tired of losing my blogger friends to that damn evil Facebook. Bejeweled, Farm Town, Jewelry Farm ... that's why I never log on to Facebook and stick to blogging.

Seriously, step away from the Facebook... :)


Tivo Mom said...

I cannot do it. I am addicted.