Thursday, August 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - last night

Tonight is the night! 4 becomes 1! America's favorite dancer (for about a month) is crowned. And after last night I am not sure who it will be. Based on the four finalists (not the four best dancers by the way) the decision is not as clear cut as it was last season.

First, let us review Brandon. After being cut down by Mia and Lil' C in the auditions; Brandon has proven he can do just about anything and last night was no exception. His solo was amazing (a little weird but awesome to watch), and he danced every number like it was his last. All of Brandon's comments from the judges were positive, which is great. My fear is that no one will vote for Brandon because he is too obvious.

Next up is Jeanine. Jeanine has always been a solid dancer but she really came into her own when her partners could match her skill (no offense to Phillip). Her solo last night was an unexpected surprise and she was technically phenomenal. Jeanine's personality gives her a bit of an edge but again you have to wonder if the gushing of the judges may hurt.

Then we have Kayla (aka White Lightning, really?). Kayla has been a favorite since she began (great story, single mom, grandparents took her to dance classes etc). She has had great performances and she has had mediocre performances (think Broadway with Kupono). Last night I thought she was good (not great). I was not a fan of her solo and I felt that in the two girl number Jeanine looked better. Kayla could win if the public took offense to the judges constant reminder that both Brandon and Jeanine are the front runners.

And last but not least (OK maybe least) welcome to Evan world. He is cute. I will give you that. He has personality galore and when dancing in his style he is fun to watch. But once again I have to say that watching him do any other style is just not believable, Evan can not be a thug nor can he be sexy. Hell I even had a hard time seeing him as a football star. Evan will win if the American public feels justified voting for him because the judges were too harsh last night. Making this show more about personality than dancing. Now I respectfully disagree but I only voted twice last night.

So who do you think will take the prize? Which dances would you like to see again from the season? Am I wrong to be so harsh about Evan? Looking forward to tonight. Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

You weren't even that harsh about Evan. He has no place in the finals IMO. I liked his brother better to begin with and I think that watching him in his style isn't even that great. I believe he has done 2 Broadway routines and I didn't think they were that great. If anything he was eclipsed by his partner! He should be GREAT in his own style, not ok.

You are right, if he is picked it is about personality now not talent. I think personality should come in when you are deciding between dancers of equal talent to use as a tie breaker.

Personally Kayla is my favorite and the only one of teh finals I would pay to see on a stage somewhere. Jeanine and Brandon are great, but for me they don't have the draw that Kayla has. I can see her morph into anything and be wonderfully at it unlike Evan. Just imagine her has Roxy in Chicago!

My mom and I both voted for Kayla last night. It was the first time I felt compelled to vote, usually because my favorites get kicked off right before the finals. Also because I have never been so afraid of another contestant winning! haha

I would love to see Ade, Melissa, Kayla or Jason again. They were my favorites.