Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of the Summer

I have been trying all week to play catch up with my kids. Catch up in the sense that I want to make sure that they remember what a fun summer they have had. School starts next week and I do not want them to think that all we did all summer was travel and run errands. Sooooo we have been to the beach twice this week and have had multiple scheduled playdates. I think that I am cramming a lot of fun into a very short period of time. With that said if I have been a little out of it or remiss in my duties to my blogger friends, this is my reason. It has nothing to do with Bejeweled. I promise.

One thing that I do notice (and for those of you that bitch about weight this is for you). I have decided that I care more about what I look like on the beach than anyone else does. I will not wear certain swimsuits based on my body type but around here I may be the only one that thinks this way. A 200 pound woman in a string bikini is not a surprise on the beaches down here. Just a thought for the day. Why can other people be comfortable with their weight ( no matter what) and I cannot?


David Dust said...

It's because you were raised right...


Tivo Mom said...

At least that is what my mother keeps telling me.