Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeanine Wins So You Think You Can Dance

I had guests this weekend so this is my first moment to sit down and write about the results of SYTYCD on Thursday night. First let me say that I am ecstatic that Jeanine won. I was a big Brandon fan but she was wonderful and her moment was extremely heartfelt. With that said I am also relieved that America did not allow Evan to win. I love the fact that an amazing dancer took home the prize.

Other observations from the night. There were so few dances that I loved (loved) this season. A few stood out as great (Wade Robsen's jazz number, the cancer piece, the addiction piece) but there were not as many this season that made me excited about the tour. I am not sure what happened. All we heard about when this season began was how great the dancers were and how this season was going to blow us away and I am left feeling a little discouraged. Maybe it was the lack of chemistry (and not in all the pieces Jeanine and Jason had major chemistry), or maybe it was the fact that so many of the dancers were ones that we did not get to see through the audition process (Ade). Whatever the reason I did not enjoy this season as much as last.

Now going into fall television, I am excited about SYTYCD being in the fall lineup. Maybe the magic will have returned.

* One note to Fox bigwigs....please, please, please no Paula Abdul. Mary Murphy is enough to deal with.

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