Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best Football Movies...

I have been watching a little bit of the NFL draft today (yes I love football) and I started thinking about my favorite Football movies. Oh and before I list them...who is Matthew Stafford and is he worth $41 million? The Detroit Lions (bless their hearts) seem to think so. Time will tell. Back to my movies. Here are my picks for my top 5 favorite football movies.
  • The Program - Starring James Caan as the coach. This movie was supposedly loosely based on Florida State's football program.
  • Rudy - You know you chant for him to play at the end of the movie. You just can't help yourself.
  • Friday Night Lights - Before it was a television show it was a movie (and before that a book) and I have read the book and seen the movie and the show. All are great without being the cookie cutter ending that you expect.
  • Remember the Titans - I know it was little preachy and sappy but I still love the final game that the team played. I am a sucker for anything that is a true story.
  • The Replacements - Yes it was a little dumb but I loved watching the ragtag group of replacement players beat the ones that get paid more money than God.

So here is my list. Did I miss any good ones? Oh and I just rented The Express (based on the true story of Ernie Davis) and Invincible (another true story). I will let you know what I think.


Anonymous said...

What about the Dennis Quaid/Jessica Lange movie "Everybody's All American," "Knute Rockne All American" (with the win one for the gipper speech) and my personal favorite, "Brian's Song."

Tivo Mom said...

OK I liked Brain's song but it was so sad. As for Everybody's All American I watched it so long ago I need to go back and rewatch. Never heard of the other one.

Joy said...

I like the ones you listed and also We Are Marshall.

My favorite basketball movies are Hoosiers, Glory Road, and Coach Carter.

Baseball - Bull Durham, The Natural, A League of Their Own, The Babe, and The Rookie.

Got carried away! :-)

Kim said...

Did you rent Invincible because of me? I can't wait to see if you agree with me on his level of hotness!!