Friday, April 3, 2009

The Final ER

Did anyone else watch the finale of ER last night? I have been watching the show for 15 years and I cannot decide if I am happy with the way it went out or if I needed more closure. I liked the way that Rachel Green (Mark Green's daughter) returned as a medical school applicant. I also liked that the show ended as it began; with a big emergency. But (I always have a but)...what happens to the characters we love. Do they continue on in Chicago? Does Morris eventually run the hospital? Do Gates and Sam get together? What about Carter and his "wife"? By the way I do know that these are not real people but after 15 years you get a little attached. Its the end of an era that is for sure? What did you like or dislike?

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Joy said...

I wanted something at the end like was done with the Harry Potter books where we have answers to those questions. I did like the homage to the show's beginning by ending it the same way. It was a bit of closure to see some of the original and early characters here toward the end. Guess we have to make up the future for the others.

You're right. We do get to know them and invested in those characters!