Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get a Job!

I know that this is lame but I will admit it and move on. I enjoy watching the Real World/Road Rules challenges on MTV! I think that it is funny to see these MTV stars try to win $100,000 by doing absolutely ridiculous things. Now I know that I am a fan of The Amazing Race but there is no comparison. The Amazing Racers get to travel the world. Amazing Racers have a chance to win $1 million. And Amazing Racers have other jobs. The kids (OK half of them are not kids anymore) on the challenges on MTV are still trying to squeeze as much out of their fifteen minutes of fame as they can. There are still the gay men that hook up with women (?), the straight women that hook up with women (?), the one guy that likes to run naked through the house screaming, the slut who hooks up with anything that moves, and the guy (or guys) that like to get drunk and fight for the hell of it. If any of you were ever fans of The Real World, very little has changed over the years.

In this particular challenge that is airing on MTV right now (Wednesday nights) we have already had the slutty hook up, two guys sent home for fighting and enough girl on girl action to light up the gay porn sights. The Duel 2 is being filmed in New Zealand and supposedly this is beautiful country but we have seen very little of it. If that is not enough, the challenge last night was a Luge challenge (no ice) while wearing large bobble heads. Not exactly a thought provoking show but fun (or funny) to wind down to.

My only disappointing thing would be the fact that so many of the cast mates are still around. At some point, someone has to realize that they are too old to continue on these challenges and to step down and let the new kids take over. Now I no longer watch the actual shows (Real World) but I get to know the newbies on the challenges and they are fun (or funny) to watch. There is not a Mensa in the bunch but they like to have fun and they get the job (or the challenges) done. So for those of you that are my age (and that is too old to do this shit); move on. Realize that it is over and get a job. The young bucks have taken over and these are the ones that we need to get to know. I do not want to feel sad for you and the direction your life has taken anymore!

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polkadotoes said...

OMG I love the Challenges! I was a big Road Rules fan growing up, but when Road Rules got canceled I kind of latched on to the Challenges to get my adrenaline fix. Most of the cast mates are around my age but some are definitely older, coughMARKcough, and do need to get some other form of income outside of these shows. Now in Marks defense he has tried to do more stuff in the reality department mainly hosting shows and things, but others rely on the money from these too much.

I enjoyed the last challenge they had to do only because it reminded me of Mario Kart with bobbleheads! Haha.

I do wish they would show more of NZ, the only real swooping shot we get is in the ridiculous opening sequence. The next challenge is in Thailand and they just started filming. So you should have another MTV Challenge to fill your reality tv void in the fall sometime!