Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Biggest Loser - The Final Four

Once again Jillian is going to win The Biggest Loser. Once again Bob has no real horse in the race (Ron does not count). And once again the final four has someone (or a couple of someones) that annoy the hell out of me and that I don't want to win.

The basic rundown of last night was this: Everyone cried (A LOT!!!) while they viewed their transformations. Tara won the challenge (again). And the final two members of Bob's team fell below the yellow line. I know you are wondering how that took two hours and yes I wonder that as well.

Anyway, Filipe and Ron fell below the yellow line and there is no sane person that would have kept Filipe in the race (he was a huge threat) so Ron stayed and Filipe went home to reinvent his culture (of overweight people).

Now here is my issue...not only is Helen still around but so is the mighty Tara. Helen just annoys me. Ever since she sent her daughter home (to stay herself) I have disliked her and as I have discovered over the weeks, everything out of her mouth is a soundbite. She practices what will sound good in front of the camera and wants to make sure that she says the "inspiring" things that will get her noticed. "I never thought I could do it", I will never see that weight again", "I am forty-eight and still going strong" you get the picture. Nothing out of her mouth sounds sincere. As for Tara, I must give her props for all that she has done but enough already. Stop talking about getting your life back (OK and I call bullshit on the "I don't care about the money" speech last night). She has already won everything, does she have to win the finale too?

Next week I think that the final four is narrowed down to three (by the America public). Who will be in the finale is anyone's guess. I hope that it is Mike who wins it all (although I am still mad about the Kristin thing) but if you have to pick the lesser of all evils he would be my pick. By the way Ron's planning worked perfectly...until America votes. He has no control over that or does he?


BethTruta said...

I agree totally. I fast forwarded through most of it. I am rooting for Mike b/c he could use the $250K money and he is the least annoying. Helen bugs. I totally think it should be her daughter that is fitting into size 8 jeans, not Helen.

My hope is that Nicole comes back and wins the 'at-home' prize. Or Kristen, since she got screwed.

polkadotoes said...

I am still very mad over the Kristen situation. Mike gets the "evil by association" with Ron tag from me, so I am still rooting for Tara. I would kind of love to see Tara kick Mikes butt after all Ron's work to not really improve himself, but to get his kid there. Yeah, that is what a parent should do, put their kid first, but I think Mike could fend for himself. I was ready to see Ron leave after he was in the bottom for the bazillionth time.

I guess as long as it is not Helen or Ron I will be satisfied.

Go Kristen! Win the at home prize!

Anonymous said...

Tara must win. She has been a powerhouse all season and she has a fortitude that is uncommon. I can't stand Ron!

Leslie said...

Ron screwed Kristen who was my pick and in doing so, he taught Mike how to be manipulative and underhanded. when Kristen's Mom went home to save the girl who's name I can't even remember, they handed it to Ron to with as he wished. Helen is awful and I totally agree that her daughter should have been the one to stay. Out of those left behind, I am for Tara. At least the only game play she had was hard work.