Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Finals Tonight

I know that I am from North Carolina and am supposed to love all things North Carolina but I have to say...I hate UNC Chapel Hill. When you are from NC you either love the Tarheels or you hate them. I am on the hate end. Maybe it is because they always win (especially against my beloved Wolfpack), maybe its because they are so damn smug (as are most of the people that go there), or maybe, just maybe, its because all of the people out there who wear Chapel Hill shirts have never set foot on the campus (bandwagon fans people). Just so you know; every single redneck in an NC State hat went to NC State (I guarantee it). Tarheel basketball is the epitome of "the rich get richer"!

So tonight when the North Carolina Tarheels take on the Michigan State Spartans who will I be pulling for? Think Green Everyone! Think Green!

* One small disclaimer. Some of my closest friends went to Chapel Hill and I love them (even if they chose that school). Most of my sour attitude is purely related to athletics.

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Joy said...

Same way here with UT (Tennessee) fans that most of them never went there. I did, but I don't care that much about sports.