Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Bachelorette - How dumb do you have to be?

If you watch the show (or read any entertainment news) you already have heard the Wes has returned to Austin without the heart of our fair bachelorette, Jillian. Now Wes did not go quietly into the night but we will get to that later. And just so you know Mexicans and Spanish people are one and the same (according to Wes).

Last night we began the night with Kiptyn as the first date in Spain. Jillian is weird around Kiptyn and he is a little strange around her. The fact that she is constantly wondering if she is good enough for him bothers me but Kipper does not seem to notice. The date was fine, although Jillian made some inappropriate comments about his package and the way the tight black flamenco pants fit. At dinner the envelope arrived for the "fantasy suite" and Jillian opted out of an overnight with Kip. She did have him come back and look at the suite and teased him a little before sending him back to his room.

Next up is Reid who cannot, in any way shape or form, articulate his feelings at all. When asked why he thought he and Jillian would be a good couple, I thought that he would stutter over his words before mumbling something about a physical attraction. The date started with shopping and led to dinner. Reid was also dissed on the "fantasy suite" front which was shocking to me because I thought that he was the one that would have had "trouble getting physical (aka erectile dysfunction).

On to Ed and the constant reminder that he was not around for the hometown dates. Get over it already, he came back! Ed was the only one of the four that was allowed to spend the night in the "fantasy suite" but they had to "sleep with their clothes on". So far it looks as if Ed has this one in the bag.

Finally we save the Wes for last (God I crack myself up). Wes apparently is huge in Chihuahua, Mexico because of his second album(?) and so he can relate very well to the people in Spain (two different continents man!). I honestly think that at this point Wes no longer cares. He wants to get kicked off and he is just biding his time. He has too many "slips" at dinner (my manager said it would be good for my career, my girlfriend no my ex-girlfriend) for me to think that he is still trying to stick around. When Jillian puts him in the cab for the first time I am sure that this is the guy who is going home.

At the rose ceremony Wes makes a few cracks about going home to have sex and then Jillian arrives (who picks out her clothes). As expected Wes is booted and when she says goodbye I was left with a feeling of relief and disgust. Wes then made an ass of himself in the cab going on about being the only guy ever with a girlfriend to make it to the top 4 and some tour he is going on. I stopped listening after a bit because it was just too sad. This man has shot himself in the foot. No woman that watches this show is going to ever buy a CD that comes from Wes. I do wonder what he was thinking by being such a shit (it would have behooved him to be the nice guy for his career). And never (ever) blame everything on editing when at some point the words had to come out of your mouth. I look forward to the reunion special in a few weeks, just to hear his excuses.

Enough about Wes, the final three are Reid, Ed and Kiptyn and everyone is heading to Hawaii. My gut is saying Ed at this point but who knows what will happen next week. Later all.


BethTruta said...

Not watching this season--sounds like it's a nightmare as always. Doesn't Chris Harrison's calm, cool demeanor just crack you up? You can tell he's a good guy (although as cheesy as they come) and thinks most of these people are nuts.

Tivo Mom said...

I love Chris. And you are so right. Have the things he says must feel so dumb to him. As always the show is a train wreck that I cannot look away from.