Thursday, July 9, 2009

SYTYCD - 2 for the Price of 1

What could be better than SYTYCD on Wednesday night? SYTYCD on Wednesday night with each couple doing 2 dances. I love it when we get to the point that the couples have to learn two different styles of dance in a weeks time to perform for the masses. This is what separates the men from the boys; so to speak. Anyway last night was an interesting night for dancing. Some were great, some were good, some were weird and some are going home. Here are my top dancers (and keep in mind that last week I totally missed the mark):

1. Janette and Brandon can do no wrong, I know that everyone is tired of hearing about it but this couple (read couple not just Brandon) is phenomenal. Last night the dynamic duo took on an Argentine tango and a Wade Robson "jazz" number. Both were worthy of standing ovations (which they received at least for the tango) and Janette's footwork alone in the tango was enough to silence all of their naysayers. I actually smiled throughout both of their performances because they were so awesome.

2. Melissa and Ade attempted a disco number and a waltz for their two performances last night. I keep these two in my top three because the disco number was fun and well danced (minus the fall at the end) and I enjoyed the waltz (Melissa was beautiful) but also because I love this couple. The two have been so quietly unassuming the entire season while hitting it out of the park almost every time. Last night was not their best but both should make it into the top 10.

3. This one is hard for me because many of the couples danced one dance well and then totally faltered on the second. Surprisingly I am going with Jeanine and Philip. Bless their hearts they had to dance a Russian folk dance (?) and then come back and do a jive. You talk about two ends of a spectrum. The folk dance was just that but they seemed to dance it well (enough) but the jive was entertaining and for once I saw Philip do something other than his style very well. Plus Jeanine is completely and totally ignored for how great she really is. She pulled herself and Philip through those dances last night and did it with class!

Now my bottom three is a little easier (maybe because there are only three left (hee hee).

1. Jason and Caitlin don't deserve to go home tonight. Both of their dances; the foxtrot and a jazz routine were decent. And they are a beautiful couple. And so on. But for once I agree with Nigel, I just don't feel the chemistry. They have very little pizazz which is so disappointing.

2. Randi and Evan are a couple that I liked from the start. I am starting to really see Evan's limitations as a dancer. He is cute and fun but that is about the only character he can play. The hip-hop number was weak with no a-ha moments and the samba was just cringe worthy. These two are destined to be cute and anything that strays from that is out of their range.

3. Kayla and Kupono are still an awesome couple and while I enjoyed the addiction dance by Mia Michaels last night; the Broadway routine was not good. Kayla seems to out dance Kupono at every turn and I just feel that he is the weakest male dancer.

So what did you think about the show. Good, bad, awful? Do you agree with my best and worst? Who hated the filler when each couple was saying how much they will miss their partner? They are not dying people! Anyway tell me what you think and I can't wait to see the top 10 tonight. Later.


Joy said...

I agree with your top two for sure. Janette and Brandon are awesome! I'm not that crazy about Phillip but see what you mean. I hate to say it, but Randi and Evan were at the bottom last night to me. It will be interesting when they change partners since that always brings some surprises.

Good point about the filler stuff. Sheesh!

David Dust said...

OMG - I didn't realize how hot Kupono was. WOW.

Actually, I think all the guys on the show are hotties, except that goofy white guy (Broadway dancer). You're shocked, I'm sure. :)

When I watch the show, I really like it. But Mary Murphy needs to switch to decaf.


Tivo Mom said...

I know next week will be fun. DD I do think that Kupono is cute but I am not sure that you would like how totally effeminate he is. You seem the type to like your men a little more manly and he is not (at all). Mary Murphy gets the ole fast forward on my television.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with your top 2 but I would switch Philip and Jeanine with Kayla and Kupono. I thought both of these couples had a great dance and a bad dance, but I was much more impressed with the contemporary number than the jive.

I also think that it is too little too late for Philip. Jeanine has been the one pulling them through since the beginning and I think Philip is way more limited a dancer than Kupono or Evan. It is just Philips established fan base that has really kept them out of the bottom a few times. He has pulled off the dances but hasn't excelled in any of them until maybe the jive. I guess I just don't think our expectations should be lowered because he isn't trained.

Dinah said...

This is so interesting. Everyone I know who's watching the show agrees on the top two couples, and disagrees on the rest. Which I think is the most telling thing of all: four people on this show are WORKING IT every week, and the rest all have their issues.

Personally, I'm ready for these kids to step it up a bit. Janette & Brandon set a new bar last night, but they can't be the only ones on this show capable of knocking it out of the park.