Friday, July 3, 2009

SYTYCD - Results Show

Well I got that one wrong didn't I? Or maybe America did. I know everyone has their favorites but I am sad to see a couple go home who I think danced so well Wednesday night. Karla and Vitolio did not deserve to go home last night but someone had to go (as Nigel says).

The bottom three consisted of Kayla and Kupono (shocking truly), Philip and Jeanine and Vitolio and Karla. Philip and Janine I understood. They danced the hip-hop number mediocre and after the past few weeks, Philip needed to be placed in the bottom. However (or but) if one more person announced how excited they were to see Philip's solo I think I would have thrown something at the television. At one point I was a Philip fan but now I want him to prove that he can do something else. Also, please people give some love to his partner Jeanine. She gets swept under the rug and I think she is a phenomenal dancer (and she has not danced her style yet).

As for Kayla and Kupono; I think that I was as shocked as they were that they ended up in the bottom. Although I was not crazy about the weird Sonya dance that they did, it was still danced well and enjoyable. I felt bad for Kayla but glad to see her live to dance another week. I am still not a Kupono fan (I don't know why) but I like Kayla a lot and hope that she does not end up back in the bottom for a few weeks.

So long to Vitolio and Karla. I liked them both and actually enjoyed their solos last night. But I am not a professional and do not know what to look for in a dancer. I just know what I like and both dancers were enjoyable to watch. Especially when they danced the quickstep.

Is anyone else sad to see these two go home? Were you shocked that Caitlin and Jason were not in the bottom three? What about Randi and Evan? Can Philip do anything besides hip-hop? Stay tuned for next week.


polkadotoes said...

I was so happy Phillip and Jeanine were in the bottom just because I thought he needed to prove himself more. Yeah he can do hip hop really well, so what? This isn't a hip hop competitoin it is a competition to find a dancer that can adapt and excell in many different styles and he has yet to prove that. I LOVE Jeanine and I want her to get another partner so she can shine. Just because Phillip can pull off a dacne without training it doesn't mean he should be bowed down to. Jeanine more than pulls off the dances, she excells in them and she isn't talked about just because she had training and her partner didn't. Ugh. I have been over Phillip since the beginning, I never got the appeal. I see him as the Cedric of this season. Amazing at what he does, but that's it. He shouldn't be here anymore.

I was quite surprised to see the other 2 pairs in the bottom and I think that they should not have been there. Both danced great and have proven themselves. I actually thought it was quite mean when Nigel said that Vitolio hadn't brought ANYTHING to the competition besides his personality! WTF? He did a great quick step, a great waltz a jazz number you loved. What am I missing? The only one you didn't like was the Broadway if I remember correctly. That was too harsh and poorly worded if it is not what they meant.

Out of the girls in the bottom I was okay with Karla going but I don't think any deserved to go home yet. As much as I like Caitlin she really hadn't proved herself compared to the others and I think she should have been in the bottom and sent home. But oh well, maybe it will work out better next week!

polkadotoes said...

Wow that was a long post! Haha, sorry!

Joy said...

I was sad to see them go and agree with y'all about Phillip. I missed the results show and am glad to get the recaps from the post and the comment. Both very good! (and helpful)