Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's a done deal: Neil Patrick Harris hosting Emmys

For the full story check out (here). Let me just say that this is a worthy choice and as most of you know; I love this man! The Emmys are my favorite awards show and having NPH hosting is just the icing on the cake. I cannot wait until September 20th. I do wonder if he will be nominated and what happens if a host actually wins (because it is about time that he did anyway). In a perfect world NPH wins and someone (namely Connie Britton or Kyle Chandler) wins from Friday Night Lights. And I think to myself what a wonderful world!


Joy said...

Good! I hope he wins, too, and that Friday Night Lights gets some well-deserved recognition!

polkadotoes said...

Love him! As long as someone BESIDES Piven wins, I will be happy. I really think the voters were just lazy and went with an easy vote. Yeah his character is great, but it's no exactly growing as the seasons go on and it seems like he is pretty much being himself instead of stretching to become the character. NPH ftw!